Our trip to Lakshadweep has been the best in my life till date.. The secluded beaches, swaying palms, the coral reefs, white sand, the blue sea, crystal clear water, unimaginable variety of sea life, the most friendly hosts – I have fallen in love with every bit of this archipelago..

The view of the runway of the island of Agatti as the ATR42 descends to land

There is only one flight , a 42 seater ATR-42 by Indian Airlines, which connects the islands of lakshadweep to the mainland. It operates from Monday to Saturday.

A view from the airport terminal at Agatti.

The Jetty at Agatti island.

The turquoise blue water around the island of Agatti

The resort run by SPORTS at Kadmat island

The Speed boat that ferried us to Kadmat island from Agatti

The Jetty at kadmat Island

Shacks on Bangarma island as seen from Speed boat. This is one of the two Islands where foreign tourists are allowed. The other island being Thinnakara.

View of the bangaram island as the speed boat cruises away to Thinnakara island

The shacks on Thinnakara island. there are only 9 shacks available for accommodation on Thinnakara.

The only source of electricity on Thinnakara island is the diesel generator which is on only between 7.00pm and 7 am.

The kayaks lie on the shore of thinnakara.

The view of sunrise from the eastern coast of island of Thinnakara. A fisher man’s boat floats in the water as the sun rises in the background

During low tide, the sea water recedes remarkably exposing a vast expanse of white seabed. The water colour turns to the palest of the blue..

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