After a tiring day of roaming around the ruins of Hampi in the hot sun,  a quite time spent on top of the temple top of Sri Veerabhadra Swamy temple on Matunga hill, overlooking the  setting sun gave us relief. We managed to reach the temple top after a small trek along the steps made out of the boulders ages ago.

Though I did not have a DSLR with me to capture the actual beauty of the sunset we witnessed, I managed to click a few pics with my smartphone. However, it is true that no picture can do justice to the beauty we witnessed while on the hill top.


The silhouette of the people waiting to get a glimpse of the majestic sunset


A deserted mantap stands testimony


The sun goes down the boulder dunes bathing the entire landscape in golden hues

Next time you visit Hampi, do not forget to climb the Matunga Hill to catch the glimpse of the breathtaking sunset.

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