Rishikesh is one such place which is not supposed to be missed to visit. There is very much to absorb, just by being there and breathing in the city. It is an enchanting place with its charm being enriched by the Ganga flowing in all its grace. Needless to say, this place is becoming one of the best-loved adventure sports destination. Being the yoga capital, it attracts inhabitants from around the world cultivating harmony with all. Indubitably it is one of the indelible food capitals in our country. You can barely stay indoors when you trip to Rishikesh. So explore this city roaming around in rented bikes and inspect few of the must experience elements.

1. Give your adrenaline a rush
The moment you lay your eyes on Rishikesh, the elegant Ganga draws your attention. Taking a raft trip on her along with refreshing dips and dives would certainly give your day a thrilling start. Yet another extreme sport is the bungee jumping. The blaze of the excitement of free-falling and rebounding is an experience worth having. Zip-line, the aerial runway across the river is not to be forgotten.


Neerghar is a ravishing cascade of multiple waterfalls. A short walk uphill through the forest takes you to this genuine beauty. The naturally formed emerald pools are so simple yet beat the imagination of human mind. You get a feel of formation of tiny stunning infinite loops.


3. Make time for Temple visits
Rishikesh is a home for many hamlets and holy places. A visit to the settlements and temples on the banks of Ganga will make your day. Neelkanth Mahadev temple, Triambakeshwar temple are to name a few.

Triambakeshvar Temple

4. Witness the world-renowned Ganga aarti at sunset
A tribute to the flowing savior is a must. The divine aarti with peaceful bhajans is performed at dawn at Parmarth Niketan near Ramjhula. Unwinding all day’s stress, the event is one way to  soothe your soul.

5. Give a twist of flavours to your taste buds
The food on wheels at Rishikesh entices many. Taking a local culinary tour in the streets cannot be a miss. The spicy tangy aloo chat, aloo tikka , kachori, chole kulcha, the delicious melt-in-mouth butter cookies are must try.


Rishikesh is home for many famous ashrams. Engage yourself in finding mental and physical de-stress at many suitable places for yoga and meditation. Swargashram provides very good options for peaceful stay in the ashrams.

7. Dine for a gastronomical delight
Dining at the food capital has many options – not to forget the famous Chotiwala near Ramjhula. Try your hand at all the options. Look out for the variety of parathas at the roadside eateries.


8. Explore sights around the jhulas
Ramjhula and Laxmanjhula built across the Ganges with the colourful lighting offer a baffling sight. The bird-eye view of the Laxmanjhula from the top of the Triambakeshwar temple is a sight to behold.

9. Shop till you drop
The shops at Rishikesh with bling and color are a shoppers paradise. Check out the multiple outlets and buy some souvenirs to take home.


10. Step out, rent a bike and loaf around
The best way to explore the city is to rent a bike from an authorized agent and leisurely roam. You can stop now and then, walk around and feel the town in your own way. The fun-filled rides in cramped roads will be a memorable experience.

Pit stop for river rafting point on Badrinath road

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