Udaipur City Palace

Looking Through the Lens

Sindhu Murthy

The City Palace of Udaipur is actually a complex of many structures located on a hill right on the east banks of Lake Pichola. It was constructed over a time span of  400 years with contributions from several rulers of Mewar Dynasty.  The pillars, cupolas, and towers in the palace are embellished with beautiful inlay work of gold, silver, glass, ivory and mirrors. Some of the major attractions you should not miss in the palace complex are the Mor-Chowk ( Peacock courtyard), Dilkush mahal, Sheesh mahal( palace of glass and mirrors), Moti Mahal ( palace of pearls), Badi mahal (the large palace) and the Crystal gallery. Take a visual tour of the magnificent palace through our photographs.

One of the courtyards in the City Palace of Udaipur in Rajasthan
The magical view of illuminated City Palace of Udaipur and its reflection in Lake Pichola

There are many more attractions in and around the Lake City of Udaipur worth visiting. Check out our itinerary for exploring Udaipur in 24 hours.  Chittorgarh, Menal, Kumbhalgarh Fort, and Ranakpur are a few other interesting places you can explore on a day trip while you are in Udaipur.

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