Vignettes From Nubra- The Valley of Wild Roses

Nubra, a high altitude desert present in Ladakh region of India is a melange of lush green fields, poplar groves, orchards of fruits and nuts and tiny hamlets along the rivers that meander in the valleys cradled between the jagged mountains.

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Awantipura-The Lost Paradise of Kashmir

Awantipura is a place of Historical importance located at a distance of 30km from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. It is home to the vestiges of two magnificent temples built by King Avantivarman during the 9th Century.

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Museum of Moon – To the Moon and back

On 31st of January 2018, while the whole world was busy witnessing the lunar eclipse, I went to the moon and came back. Best, I happened to see two moons at the same time. I could not thank my stars enough for the opportunity to see the almost real moon so up close and at the same time witness the real moon slowly waxing out from the shadow of the earth.

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Ten Experiences You should not miss while in Leh

Though Leh is often considered as a base to explore some of the most amazing destinations of Ladakh, it is worth noting that Leh in itself is a destination that deserves to be explored and experienced. Whether you are a spiritual person, or a patron of arts and crafts, or an avid shopper or just someone in search of a gastronomical delight- the hinterland of Leh has something to cater to your interest.

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A Perfect Itinerary to Explore Fort Kochi by Walk in One Day

Fort Kochi is a melting pot of various cultures that were brought in as the Portuguese, Dutch and English merchants set foot on its land in search of the lucrative spice trade. Though the Fort no longer remains in Fort Kochi, the lavish mansions built by the explorers and merchants who made Kochi their home till India got its independence have remained as vestiges to the past glory of the town. The best way to experience the allure of Fort Kochi is by exploring it on foot.

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