Kochi Backwaters Cruise- A Lesson in Ornithology and Ecology

A short cruise we took in the backwaters of Kochi in Kerala turned out to be more than a relaxation trip. We learned many facts about the feathered residents of the vast backwater network while also realizing how rapid urbanization is taking a toll on the aquatic life in the backwaters.

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Payyanur- A Hidden paradise in North Malabar

Payyanur, an unacknowledged destination located in the North Malabar region of Kerala in India is a treasure trove to experience the rustic beauty of nature along with traditions and culture of Kerala. The nondescript town of Payyanur harbors many hidden charms where one can experience the best of Gods own country- Kerala with pristine sun-kissed beaches, tranquil backwaters and unique cultural celebrations. Here are 8 activities you should try to experience the magic of the paradise called Payyanur.

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Hidden Charms and Destinations to Experience Rajasthan in Monsoons

Monsoons in Rajasthan offer a pleasant experience as the temperatures tend to drop across the state and the occasional showers transform the arid landscape of Rajasthan giving a new lease of life. No wonder, monsoon palaces have been built by the kings to witness the dance of the clouds and songs have been written praising the beauty of rain.

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Hall of Fame in Ladakh – Saluting the Martyrs

The Hall of Fame Museum built and maintained by the Indian army in Leh is not just a war memorial but also a face to the rich culture and heritage of the region of Ladakh. Along with many war photographs, armaments and a special section dedicated to the Siachen glacier camp, the museum also has many galleries depicting the food, traditions, customs, and history of Ladakh. No surprise, it has topped the list of 5 Indian museums that featured among the 25 best museums in Asia.

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Ladakh in Grayscale- when all colors fade

The desolate topography of Ladakh has been an enigma for tourists and travelers alike. The contrasting landscape of Ladakh makes for a great subject for capturing images in monochrome. Here are 15 images of Ladakh in grayscale which prove that the actual beauty of Ladakh lies in its contrasts and not just its colors.

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