Hall of Fame in Ladakh – Saluting the Martyrs

The Hall of Fame Museum built and maintained by the Indian army in Leh is not just a war memorial but also a face to the rich culture and heritage of the region of Ladakh. Along with many war photographs, armaments and a special section dedicated to the Siachen glacier camp, the museum also has many galleries depicting the food, traditions, customs, and history of Ladakh. No surprise, it has topped the list of 5 Indian museums that featured among the 25 best museums in Asia.

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Ladakh in Grayscale- when all colors fade

The desolate topography of Ladakh has been an enigma for tourists and travelers alike. The contrasting landscape of Ladakh makes for a great subject for capturing images in monochrome. Here are 15 images of Ladakh in grayscale which prove that the actual beauty of Ladakh lies in its contrasts and not just its colors.

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Stakna- A lesser known Monastery with alluring views near Leh

No trip to Ladakh is complete without a visit to one of the monasteries dotting its empyrean landscape. Stakna is one of the lesser known monasteries located at a distance of 25 km from Leh. It is perched on a small hill on the banks of Indus river offering panoramic views of the Indus valley.

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Breathtaking Landscapes from the Hinterland of Ladakh

The topography of Ladakh is like no other land in the world. Explore some of the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh in India through the visuals in this post.

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Exploring Shekhawati Havelis- The Open Art Gallery of Rajasthan

The Havelis located in Mandawa, Nawalgarh, Churu and Dundlod located in Shekhawati region are known for their opulent Havelis and fresco paintings. Take a visual tour of the area fondly called as Open Art Gallery of India as we walk you through some of the locations we explored in Shekhawati.

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