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Kapu Lighthouse Beach in Karnataka

Kapu Lighthouse Beach in Karnataka

The kapu beach located along the western coast of Karnataka in India is one of the best-kept secrets of Karnataka. What is more compelling about Kapu beach is the 27 mt high Lighthouse which is still functional. Built in the year 1901 on a huge boulder on the Arabian coast, the lighthouse at Kapu beach has for many years stood unperturbed guiding thousands of sailors and warning the presence of dangerous rocks.

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Payyanur- A Hidden paradise in North Malabar

Payyanur- A Hidden paradise in North Malabar

Payyanur, an unacknowledged destination located in the North Malabar region of Kerala in India is a treasure trove to experience the rustic beauty of nature along with traditions and culture of Kerala. The nondescript town of Payyanur harbors many hidden charms where one can experience the best of Gods own country- Kerala with pristine sun-kissed beaches, tranquil backwaters and unique cultural celebrations. Here are 8 activities you should try to experience the magic of the paradise called Payyanur.

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