A Peek into the Kite Making Industry of Gujarat

This is the time of the year when the skies of Gujarat get filled with a plethora of kites of all sizes. The festival of Uttarayan which marks the decline of winter chills and the onset of spring is the favorite time for people to fly kites. Thanks to the International Kite Festival promoted by the Gujarat Government, the tradition of Kite Flying has earned the attention of people from across the globe. One industry which has been immensely benefited from the popularity of International Kite Festival is the kite making industry in Gujarat. Of late, the tradition of kite flying has been spread to many states across India and people have started to fly kites on many more occasions like Independence day and Holi.

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Experiencing royalty at Ghanerao Castle

How often would you get to stay like royalty in a centuries-old castle? How about spending a night in a museum filled with interesting artifacts from the erstwhile Royalty? Or how would you fancy being part of a reality show where you are left unattended on a huge maze-like mansion with many tunnels and passages- left all by yourself to find a hidden treasure? Doesn’t it sound intriguing? well, That is how we would describe our stay at the Ghanerao Royal Castle in Rajasthan sans the reality show and the hidden treasure.

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The Ultimate Phuket Travel Guide

A chilled-out retreat and the party capital – Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and just the place to go for a fun-filled getaway. One of Thailand’s most popular destinations. Phuket is best known for its sun-drenched beaches and the dizzying array of nightlife, but there’s much more to discover than just well-known Patong. This Phuket Travel Guide is to help you plan your tour in Phuket.

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How to Explore Udaipur in 24 hours Like a Pro

The lake city of Udaipur is one of the most popular destinations in the tourist circuit of Rajasthan. With proper planning, you can explore all the top attractions of Udaipur in one day. Here is a perfect guide for you to explore Udaipur in 24 hours like a pro.

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The City palace of Udaipur- Through the Lens

The City Palace of Udaipur is actually a complex of many structures located on a hill right on the east banks of Lake Pichola. It was constructed over a time span of 400 years with contributions from several rulers of Mewar Dynasty. The pillars, cupolas, and towers in the palace are embellished with beautiful inlay work of gold, silver, glass, ivory and mirrors. Some of the major attractions you should not miss in the palace complex are the Mor-Chowk ( Peacock courtyard), Dilkush mahal, Sheesh mahal( palace of glass and mirrors), Moti Mahal ( palace of pearls), Badi mahal (the large palace) and the Crystal gallery.

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